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At Summit Peer Groups, we guide business leaders who are committed to personal and professional growth, to take action on their most challenging issues.

Who do you trust for help with your biggest business challenges?

We provide you a confidential peer advisory group of forward-thinking and results-oriented business leaders to help as you take action on your most important business decisions.

What is a Peer Advisory Group?

Peer advisory groups create an environment where individuals can find and give support, solve problems and achieve their goals among like-minded people who face similar challenges. Joining a qualified peer advisory group will give you your time back and help you make better decisions.

Every key leader faces similar struggles.

It can be a lonely climb to the top. Few understand the challenges you face and the decisions you must make. Your company is relying on you to help them reach the top.

Some common struggles include:
  • Adjusting operations to increase flexibility and reduce risk

  • Adopting updated attitudes toward key business drivers and helping them manage more risk than they had in their previous roles

  • Building a leadership pipeline

  • Making tough calls that disappoint supporters to include owners, board members, and team members

  • Leading former peers and being less accessible to former reports

  • Leading change at the appropriate pace

  • Managing the departure of key executives

Summit Peer Group Options

SBO | Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners
  • Revenue $750K-$2MM
  • Meet monthly for 4-5 hrs
  • Meet with Chair/Mentor one-on one for 1-2 hrs monthly​
  • Hear experts and thought leaders present best practices that are relevant and actionable​
  • Have social and networking events​ periodically with other members
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Key Executives

  • P&L responsibility < $10MM and/or​ Significant Leadership Responsibility/ Fast Tracking​
  • Learn and exchange best practices with other Key Executives in other non-competing companies​
  • Meet monthly for 4-5 hrs  ​
  • Hear current industry leaders present leadership content on how to build a winning team​
  • Monthly One on One time  
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CEOs & Owners
  • Revenue: $2MM to $500MM​
  • Share and exchange best practices with other non-competing Business Owners or Executives​
  • Monthly meetings for 4-5 hrs​
  • Tremendous ability to expand your network by accessing each Member’s sphere of influence​
  • Monthly One on One time with confidential Chairs who offer years of experience
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How are leaders using peer networks today?

Leaders utilize peer groups because the value is evident. Effective leadership starts with accountability. Leaders perform better when they are held accountable and have clear, measurable goals. With peer groups, participants are on the fast track to learning, gaining insights from other leaders as the group works through their issues in tandem. Peer networks let members learn from each other’s mistakes and improve efficiency as a result.

The Power of Peer Groups

“One of the elements that makes these peer groups so effective is that when someone shares about a challenging situation, another member has either been in that situation, is in a similar situation or realizes they might be in that situation at some point in the future.”

Matthew Abrams, EOS Implementer

“People have realized they have much to learn from organizations in other industries or at different stages of growth but facing similar challenges. The other piece is CEOs coming together to solve joint problems that can only be solved by acting together on behalf of society.”

Carolyn Dewar, Senior Partner, McKinsey

“Do-It-Yourself Consulting: CEOs Gather to Swap Tips.”

Phred Dvorak, The Wall Street Journal Online

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